Organise a Fundraising Event for Hospice Tairawhiti

Thank you for supporting Hospice Tairawhiti by organising a fundraising event. 

While not wanting to discourage people from fundraising on our behalf, we do need to ensure that any fundraising events using our name fall within our fundraising policy. We just need a few details before you get started to make sure your event is aligned with Hospice Tairawhiti’s Visions and Values.

Hospice Tairawhiti will not be associated with any event which may:
- Be considered unethical or illegal or which directly contravenes the organisation’s stated values and beliefs.
- Could result in the organisation’s good name being compromised, brought into ill repute or in its being associated in any way with another organisation or individual of ill repute.
- In any way involves any person, either as a staff member or as an agent of an outside organisation, when that person is known to have been associated with embezzlement or has been prosecuted for any form of this.

Before embarking on your event please complete the form below, or click here to find a printable version to post to Hospice Tairawhiti, Private Bag 7001, Gisborne 4040 or email to

Your request will be considered promptly and you can expect a reply within five working days.

Click here for some fundraising tips to help you out.